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Hi! My name is Adda Ribeiro, I’m married to Eduardo for 22 years, we have two children Maria Eduarda 14 and Samuel 12 years old; I heard about Home Experience for the first time in a Conference from Diante do Trono in 2011, when I met Devi Titus in that place, I was so touched by her teaching and the way she spoke, with kindness and also so profound about the matters relating the home.

At that very instant I bought the books the table Experience and The Home experience and started applying these principles in my own house. I came from a family background of strong women and the way my maternal grandmother thought us to procced with men was to not depending on them, but being independent and have you on money and such, as I received these words from God through Devi was like scales fallen from my eyes.

Therefore, I dug deep about practicing these principles, I found out about the Mentoring Mansion Intensive at the Titus Home in Dallas-TX, so I had the privilege to go and have such supernatural experiences there, was so amazing that que experienced every detail with our five senses.

I came back from Dallas- TX to my house not only bringing within me this knowledge but also to share with many families from our church in Salvador- Bahia- Brazil.

From then and on these values are so powerful to me, that I developed a Project, that had actually started before I travelled to the United States, but was implemented when I came back, helping women in leadership to take position in their homes and ministries, I called this Project Esther’s Home, which has impacted many homes and churches.

Currently, I moved with my family to Portugal where we started a missionary project from our local church and I also had my first Home Experience group in my home in Portugal with the objective to spread these principles as an evangelistic way, bringing them to the table to know Christ their savior and experiencing this through what they see happening in my home.

I want to express my enormous gratitude to Devi Titus to let God use her to bring restoration to the families and also the role of the woman as a guardian of your home and to her daughter Trina Titus Lozano that has within her, her mom’s teachings but also decided to pass this legacy to the next generation.

My deepest regards,

By Adda Ribeiro