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🏡 IBG Taubaté opens doors to Home Experience - SP/Brazil

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The Taubabé's Grace Baptist Church opens its doors for the Home Experience. The church celebrated its 13th anniversary with various programs for all ages.

The president of Home Experience Global, Trina Titus Lozano, took part in some of the programs with a joyfull heart.
Pastors Marco Aurélio and Karla are very enthusiastic about expanding the Home Experience project not only within the church, but also as an outreach to the families of Taubaté.

The women's service was also wonderful!

In celebration of the campaign against breast cancer, Trina invited the women who had gone through this great challenge and prayed for their lives.


The evening ended with a photo and autograph session with lots of love and joy among the women, including many mentors from Home Experience who came to see Trina.

With gratitude and joyfull heart for what the Lord has done among us, Trina also had the privilege of visiting a Christian school.

IBG Taubaté has been doing a wonderful job of evangelizing the city, reaching out to various areas such as education. Trina had the opportunity to visit the EMET Christian school and shared a special word with the children. The school, founded by IBG to educate children through biblical principles, is already planning to expand to the next levels and increase its student capacity by 2024. Trina loves children and will invest in the future generation of God's Kingdom.

The seed of God's Word has been planted once again and the Home Experience Global team would especially like to thank pastors Marco Aurélio and Karla for their excellent hospitality in welcoming us and being multipliers in the city of Taubaté-SP, Brazil. May God continue to bless you greatly!

James, Trina, Karla e Marco Aurélio