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📖 Official launch of the new memorial edition - SP/Brazil

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Yesterday was the official launch of the new commemorative edition of the book Experiencia Do Lar. Thank you JESUS for making this dream come true. Thank you to Thomas Nelson Brazil for being the publisher chosen to publish this work that impacts families around the world.

Thank you to my husband James for his support and unconditional love.
Special thanks to pastors Wallace and Elaine from the Atitude Alphaville Baptist Church who opened their doors to Home Experience Global. And also to my team Experiência do Lar Oficial and Bruna Duarte who are accompanying me on this very special tour of Brazil.
I would like to thank each and every one of you who worked with dedication and love so that we could be here today, together, celebrating the Devi Titus legacy.

The book is BEAUTIFUL! To all my Brazilian friends and followers, buy a new book. It's worth it!

There are so many emotions right now, but I believe that the Lord has called us to this time and to impact generations by bringing Jesus into homes. Shall we go together?

Trina Titus Lozano
President Home Experience Global