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Hello, my name is Donna Diaz. My husband, David Diaz, and I are Senior Pastors at New Beginning Community Ministries, located in the city of La Puente in Los Angeles County, California/USA. We have three adult children: David, who pastors a church in Whittier, California/USA; my daughter Doreen, who ministers alongside us; and Daniel, who now resides in heaven.

I first met Devi at a Convention in 2009. I remember when I first heard her speak,
I was amazed. As I witnessed Larry and Devi share as a team couple, it was like
watching a beautiful, gracious dance flowing on the stage.

They shared about the importance of restoration of marriage and family. I had been in ministry for 24 years. I was heavy burdened by watching so many women do great things for God, while their families were falling apart and their children
wanting nothing to do with God. I knew sacrificing our families for the “greater
good” of ministry was not God’s plan, yet the devastation was all around us.

Through God’s divine plan, my husband and I came under their covering. I began
to teach our Women’s Ministry AWAKE (All Women Arise to Kingdom
Excellence) “The Table Experience” and eventually “The Home Experience”.

Throughout the years, I have seen families restored and husbands surrender their
lives to Jesus, because of the example of their wives. I have witnessed real joy and
purpose restored to the home.

I am privileged to carry this beautiful legacy and to be a part of this great move of
God, to see women take their rightful place and to succeed in all that God has for

Devi was the greatest example and blueprint of success in her home and around the world!

Forever Grateful,
By Pastor Donna Diaz
La Puente/California-USA

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