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The Table Experience for girls was simply sensational!

They were greeted with a warm welcome by their hostess Trina. They were apprehensive, at first very quiet, with a lot of expectations, just paying attention to what was to come. Each one of them received a name tag for a closer relationship among them. Trina gave them a brief introduction and a tour around the house, showing them every corner, and in this way bringing them a little bit closer to her.
After this moment of sharing, which is so important, they all went to the table and Trina taught about etiquette (A value of kindness), after which they enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

They all got to say their names and an adjective about themselves that started with the first letter of their name, then they all got to repeat the names and adjectives together.

In cooking class, Trina taught them a delicious Easter recipe called "Resurrection Rolls". Each girl had her own station to prepare the Rolls and they were super excited. After they were baked, the Rolls looked like an empty tomb, representing that Jesus resurrected! It was a very special moment.

After everything was prepared, they went back to the table and ate their delicious Rolls, while Trina ministered about the true meaning of Easter!

They had a short break and then all sat down in the living room, where Trina taught them about the Also Principle! They were impacted by the story of Rebecca.

Trina put on some music for them to have a prayer period and then Grandma Oleta shared words of wisdom with the group. By this time the girls were relaxed and enjoyed this memorable meeting!

At the end of the mentoring Trina said goodbye and gave each one a beautiful bracelet with the verse John 3:16 as a gift.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. - João 3:16 NIV

After the meeting we received many testimonies from the moms saying that the girls loved the meeting. Trina has a vision to train the next generation.

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Trina’s Home Experience
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