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James and Trina were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and the house was beautifully decorated! They happily welcomed each couple and there was a delicious snack waiting for us at the kitchen island while James and Trina shared a little bit about their 40 years of marriage!

Soon after, they introduced us to the volunteers who would be serving that day and Hazel Atkinson taught us how to cook a delicious Stir Fry Chicken and Vegetable dish.

When the food was ready everyone sat down at the table. Trina shared about etiquette and then passed the word to Larry who led us in taking communion. It was a beautiful moment. The word was deep and impactful. While everyone ate, each couple had the opportunity to share a little about their family and testimony. Grandma Oleta was with us at the table and, as always, blessed us with her words of wisdom. We had a time of praise and worship as Rodney and Angela sang a beautiful song at the table while we ate Devi’s delicious recipe from the HOME EXPERIENCE book Italian Cream Cake, for our dessert.

After our table time, everyone went into the living room and stood around the piano while Rodney and Charles played and led us into another time of worship and praise. In conclusion Larry Titus ministered to us as he took a turn to play the piano.

Trina spoke about the "Use What You Have Principle" and James closed with a beautiful prayer! Everyone was honored to be able to sit at the table with this beautiful family and enjoy this time together!
At all times God's presence was palpable! It was an extraordinary meeting.

You are invited to participate in an exclusive experience with Trina Titus Lozano.

Trina’s Home Experience
Home Experience in one day! You are invited to participate in an exclusive experience with Trina Titus Lozano. 📆WomenJuly 1st - 20239am - 9pm 📆WomenSeptember 30th - 20239am - 9pm 📆Couples Christmas Table ExperienceDecember 9th - 20235pm - 8pm Please fill out the form