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June has been such a special month so far! I hosted my very first Home Experience Teen Edition. It was the first of many to come. I’m praying for multiplication, in Jesus name!

I was able to teach them biblical principles, life lessons, etiquette, personality dynamics, vital relationship and conflict resolution strategies as well as home making skills which included: napkin folding, cooking a dessert together, flower arranging and home organization.

It is all about investing in the next generation! On a daily basis, our teens receive so much misinformation from the internet and are bombarded with unhealthy videos and content from worldly influencers undermining traditional marriage, family and homemaking. It’s critical for these teen girls to have excellent, Godly role models to train them to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

I reminded the girls about their value and inner beauty which comes from the Lord and about the importance of not being moved by their emotions but instead by their identity in Christ.

Home Experience, teen edition, is about building character and integrity and training young ladies in a way to benefit them both now and as they prepare for their own future home and family.

The girls had an amazing time learning!

If you are reading this right now and want to become a teen mentor in your home, contact me and be a part of this! Who else wants to be a Home Experience Mentor and hostess?
Let me know. I welcome your involvement!
TOGETHER, we can make a difference in the next generation.

God bless you,

You are invited to participate in an exclusive experience with Trina Titus Lozano.

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