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When my days have all
Been numbered,
And my work on earth is done,
All my battles waged and ended
And my earthly race is won.

When my soul is borne away
For it's solace and its rest,
Safe in the arms of a loving God;
Free from trials and distress.
Don't stand at my grave in anguish
To sorrow and to weep.

I'll not be abandoned there to death;
I'll LIVE! I will not sleep.
I will not slumber in the grave
To await a glorious dawn.

The night of darkness and of death
Can't over take me; I'll be gone!
The eternal golden daybreak of life
Appeared to me much faster
And broke upon my pathway,
The day I met the Master.

In His presence there is no shadow of death,
No gloom, not blackness of night.
He'll transport me from my earthly realm,
And I'll never lose Him from sight.

Every glorious vision and dream
Of my former zeal
Committed to Heaven's atmosphere,
Is a part of earth made real.

So do not linger by my grave
To mourn, travail and sigh
I'll not be lying in that tomb


By Rachel Titus

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