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Hello! My name is Márcia Lombardi, I’m from Belo Horizonte- Minas Gerais/ Brazil and I live for twenty -four years in Dallas- Texas /United States of America.

In January of 2011, I was invited by a friend to accompany her to a Conference for Pastor’s wives and there I met Devi Titus and the Kingdom Global Ministries, where she ministered every year.

In that occasion, I had already heard the preaching about “ The table experience” through a wistful pastor, that also knew Devi’s preaching at CFNI and brought to the Brazilian church in Lewisville this principle.

It was such an honor for me to meet the author of this preaching, because I have been impacted by her message already.

Since then, I had the honor to participate in the first and other Conferences for Women from Diante do Trono, in which Devi ministered in 2011 and 2012.

In the end of 2015, I was invited do be part of the “Titus Home” an intensive course for women to learn more about the importance of the home. She gethered women from different nationalities, specially Brazilians and other nations.
I have served in this ministry since the first intensive to the last one. Serving in the Titus Home was a humble experience for me indeed.
While serving I was able to be restored in my heart as these women were been healed too. They all opened their hearts without any concern.
The volunteer staff was formed by extraordinary women who worked equally to serve the guests, easing Devi’s and Trina’s work. We did whatever was needed, as wash the dishes, making the beds or preparing the meal. I was so happy to know that the simple things I was doing was really contributing to impact brazilian families and others around the world.

Everything was always flowing naturally, if something went wrong Devi was never stressed or complaining about it. When something broke (and I have broken things) She said; These are just things that can be replaced.

We were volunteers, but we also had the opportunity to seat with them to learn profound teachings from the home experience.

I related immediately to Trina Lozano, she is pleasant, funny and full of God’s wisdom and takes God’s work very seriously. Her testimony impacted me and her family inspires me also.

This experience showed me that serving is the best way to honor and value those people who God loves and That’s the reason I will always say here I am.

I am very happy and hopeful about what God is going to do through Trina and all mentors and learners from The Home Experience Global.
The best is yet to come!

By Márcia Lombardi

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