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My name is Poliana Quintão, I'm 44 years old and I love Jesus!

I got married in 2000 with my great love, Leo, and we have three wonderful children: Ana Vitória, who got married in 2021 to Caio (I had another son), João Vitor, and Ana Clara.

When I was a child, I dreamed of my wedding and collected coins to buy my wedding dress.

Still a teenager, I liked to gather my friends and teach the younger girls how a woman of God should behave, even though I did not have a boyfriend. LOL

When I grew up, I studied Biochemical Pharmacy - as per my father's advice - to take over the clinical analysis laboratory he owned. However, when I got my diploma, I was already married and I didn't return to Governador Valadares/Minas Gerais, where I was born.

Being a wife, mother, participating in ministry with children, prayer groups and working with women has been the great dedication of my life.

In the Bible study group at I host at my home, many children have participated in these 14 years.

I was able to walk with several women and learn together to surrender ourselves at the feet of the Lord Jesus so that our children and husbands can remain standing.

My heart burned to teach and disciple the parents and children who were with us in the Bible study group, and so, in my house’s garage, the Eighth Presbyterian Church in Nova Lima was born.

At that time, in 2016, I had already met Devi and hosted her at my house for a meeting with women of significant influence in Brazil. It was very special to have her in my house and to have been trained by her.

In 2017, I participated in the Home Experience intensive at her home in Dallas, and my heart was filled with the teachings provided. I was able to learn from her and her daughter, Trina Lozano. It was a very special intensive program and we made beautiful connections that reverberate to this day for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Our families became friends and I had the pleasure of having my daughter Ana Vitória living for more than a year at Trina's house, with whom she learned eternal values ​​and was forged in her character. Trina was used with great power by the Holy Spirit of God to prepare Ana Vitória.

Currently, I dedicate myself to carry the legacy of Devi’s precious teachings left about the “Home Experience” to women who need to understand their role in their homes.

Since 2020, we've had 10 classes and many families have been restored.

The beginning of this ministry as a Home Experience mentor took place exactly in September 2020, the year of the pandemic!

I did a live event in July, at the invitation of my pastor Jeremias Pereira, where he asked me about Devi. I told him a little about the great influence she had on my life and how mentoring had brought revelation to so many biblical principles that I had not intentionally practiced before.

A woman, who watched to the live and attended our church, came up to me at the end of the live and asked if she could meet with me.

I knew her superficially and we arranged a meeting.

At that meeting, she told me that she was attending Home Experience online classes and asked me why she hadn't started a class at my house yet if I had been with Devi at her house.

In fact, I was so involved in children's ministry that I couldn't find time to dedicate to the women.

Soon after, also encouraged by my other pastor, I invited some very dear friends who joined me in this challenge, and with much encouragement from this woman who asked me this question, I started my first class with 50 women.

The first class, I held in the extensive format, as Devi and Trina suggested in the book.

It was a blessing!

In 2021, we decided to do it in the intensive format, as I had done at the Titus Home.

Now, in 2023, after the tenth class, I'm moving forward with Trina on this project, full of expectation to experience what God has for us!

Trina is spectacular and has been groomed and coached by Devi. Trina carries a legacy and has inspired us to bless women and restore families!

I cannot fail to mention my great joy in having my mother, Carmen, my daughter, Ana Vitória, and a special group of mentors who help me to continue in this calling.

By Poliana Quintão
Belo Horizonte/Brazil

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